RSG Program Guidance

  • RSG Models of Outreach

    Five effective outreach methods and lessons learned from RSG members experiences.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the RSG! Program, its scope and goals, program customization, acting early and the importance of initiating dialogue to name a few. If your question is not answered here, please contact staff at

  • RSG Implementation and Background Guide

    Learn background on the an RSG! Program fire department's role in wildland fire, important concepts, and the steps for adoption.

  • RSG and Firewise, How They Work Together

    The RSG! Program works in complementary and collaborative fashion with existing wildland fire public education efforts, like Firewise, and amplifies their message to individuals.

  • Talking Points in presenting to City-Town Decision Makers

    Guide and talking points for presenting the RSG! Program to your city / town government decision makers.

  • RSG for the Fire Department

    Understand the importance of your role with the RSG! Program and working toward a fire adapted community.


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About The IAFC

The IAFC represents the leadership of firefighters and emergency responders worldwide. Its mission is to support current and future career, volunteer, fire-rescue and EMS chiefs, chief fire officers, company officers and managers of emergency service organizations throughout the international community through vision, information, education, services and representation to enhance their professionalism and capabilities.